Class Photo:

"Where's My Class Photo From The 10 Year Reunion?"

Many of us who attended the 10 year reunion held at the Holiday Inn, Randolph back in November 1995, paid for a "classmate group photo" that never arrived. We would like to explain what happened. For the 10 year reunion a company called "Reunion Time" was hired. "Reunion Time" specialized in class reunions of all sizes.

Our 10 year reunion was a great success, however, the company "Reunion Time" went bankrupt shortly afterwards. The Holiday Inn was never completely paid for the use of their hall. The caterer was never completely paid for the food. The photographer was never paid for his photos. Worst of all...everyone who paid for a class photo never received it. "Reunion Time" kept all of the proceeds and never came through in the end.

Although "Reunion Time" is bankrupt and cannot reimburse each of us our money, what we CAN DO is assure you of a top-notch fun filled event that is being planned for our 20 Year Reunion!

Rest assured that "Reunion Time" is no longer in business and the 20 Year Reunion is being run a group of volunteers from your graduating class. We look forward to seeing all of you in November! If anyone would like to volunteer on the 20 year reunion committee, please email us.

Randolph High School Reunion Committee

RHS Class of 1985 Reunion Committee:
Danyel (Daly) MacKillop, Loretta (Hurley) Dailey, Brian Howard, Barry Levine, Stuart Schoenfeld.